Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tango Dancers Tangoing Well: One of the Few Things I Truly Envy


HAVE TO SAY, when it comes to envy, there are fewer and fewer things that rattle my cage. Material possessions? Nay. Big houses, cars, boats and planes? Nay....too much to take care of and they just tie you down. High-maintenance men? Not a chance. (Now, low-maintenance men who cook, fish and pay their taxes are another thing.) Big bloggers with thousands of hits a day and zillions of comments? Nay, not at all. They work for it and deserve all the following they have; I've got too many balls in the air at any one time and am grateful for what I have. My ambition level is simply not that great or grandiose anymore.

Still, there is one thing I secretly harbor in my soul. And the pic above says it one day be a decent tango dancer. Yep, I envy that female dancer above. I would even trade in my computer and fly rod---at least for a little while---to learn and practice and be half-way good at it. Just thinking of it makes me wild with enthusiasm....Webutante--writer, fly fisher, investor and tango dancer with an attitude! WOW! My resume wants it, needs it and one day, one day, it's gonna get it, God willing. What fun to contemplate: the dance, the dress, the shoes, the hair, the barretts, maybe a rose in my hair, the attitude, the sassy kicks and twirls. The controlled drama and high-discipline and practice of it all appeal to me greatly!

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Jungle Mom said...

I always wanted to dance the polka! I swear!

Webutante said...

WOW, Rita! Cool.