Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taking the New Super-Charged Jackson Hole Tram 4,000' Vertical to the Top of the World

AND WALKING a long 13-miles up and down, down, down.

With a week-and-a-half left and much company before I leave my summer Valley, I'll be blogging only intermittantly and probably posting little more than a few pics from life on the trails and in the rivers here as I wind my way back to civilization soon. I'll refresh my sidebar along the way. As always, thanks for coming by.


Jungle Mom said...

That would be so thrilling!!!

Webutante said...

How I wish I could share it in person, Rita, with you and Pam and others who come here! Maybe one day.

jAne said...

I miss that place. So. Much.

tickleberry farm

Webutante said...

Come on out sometimes jAne!

____________________________ said...

You are having too much fun out there! :^)

David P.

Webutante said...

Sure am David P.....but save a few fish in the Caney for me anyway!