Friday, May 29, 2009

When Bad Wide-Leg Trousers Happen to Nice Fashion Conscious-Girls

NOT SURE whether Katie has a pair of stilts on underneath these wide-leg pants or not (Who on earth dreams these fashion trends up, and in a recession, no less?), but what I do know is they make her look way out-of-whack to the downside. She's much taller than Tom anyway, but these trousers make her look almost like she's parading around as the tall lady in a high-waisted circus act. Too wide, too long, too much fabric. Can't imagine they wouldn't be a hazard to her health and mobility. I would surely trip on those long hems and that would be the end of me. Doesn't anyone ever think of safety in design? Call Health and Human Services! Call Mike Bloomberg!

Anyway, she's far too pretty and tall to wear these trousers. They're wearing her. Other than that, she's a great looking female. And her hair is one of her best features.


gcotharn said...

I agree that Katie Holmes is an attractive girl. She suits my girl-next-door taste.

Anonymous said...

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