Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching Up With Myself After Weeks Away From Homebase

I'm up to my eyeballs....
NOT MUCH to say at the moment except I barely have time to get to the computer for the next few days. My plate is full in the real world with a zillion things and people after being away and I look forward to getting back as I can....

MEANWHILE, Wesley Pruden says in the Washington Times that the frilly Valentine President Obama is preparing is not for friends like Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu:

Benjamin Netanyahu is back in town, and he could make Barack Obama's life easier if he would just go away. The president is trying to concentrate on the frilly Valentine he's taking to the Muslims next month in Cairo, the latest stop on his global blush, bow low and apologize tour.

Mr. Netanyahu is an unwelcome reminder of the reality lying in ambush out there, where things go bump not in the night but in midafternoon, and all manner of evil lurks in the hearts of barbarians. Mr. Obama thinks a good shoeshine, a working teleprompter and a pretty speech can transform that ugly reality into something nice that maybe even smells good. Mr. Netanyahu and his countrymen have to deal with an ugly reality that stinks......Read it all --- disgraceful.


IN MY BOOK there are few things as attractive in a woman or a man, especially a man since I'm a woman, than an ability to say what Andrew Breitbart said today in the Washington Times:


I always knew I liked Breitbart, but now I like him more. Unlike one of the great false liberal/romantic myths of the 60s----being a grown-up does indeed mean saying we're sorry when it's called for (and it's called for more often than we realize).

Sure people with power, clout and money don't have to say they're sorry, or I Jerk! when they/we should. And most don't. But doing so keeps us humble with our feet firmly on the ground, so there's less distance to fall. It also keeps our egos off steroids, eyes clear and sense of humor and the ability to laugh at ourselves sharp.

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Marie said...

Well played by Mr. Breitbart.