Thursday, May 14, 2009

If Pelosi Were A Stock, Traders Would Be Shorting It Like Crazy

PANETTA FIRES BACK : "Let me be clear: It is not our policy or practice to mislead Congress. That is against our laws and our values," Mr. Panetta said

Oh Really? Even the WaPo now knows Nancy is lying to cover her derrier and seriously calling her credibility into question.

HOW LOW CAN HER STOCK GO? It's unlikely she's anywhere nearly reached bottom yet.

As Jim Cramer would be screeching, Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell! NO place for this stock to go but down.

Don't think we know how utterly shameless House Speaker Pelosi was when she finally admitted the CIA did indeed brief her on waterboarding in 2002 and again in 2003 but deceived her in the process. Do you get that? She was lied to by the CIA, so there! She's excused and exonerated for approving using these tough techniques on those poor terrorists. But that was then, and this is now.

"They mislead us all the time. I was fighting the war in Iraq at that point, too, you know," the House's top Democrat boo hooed to reporters at the briefing at the Capitol.

Woe is Nancy. What an utterly lame dame.

Well, Nancy, Cramer would undoubtedly be Short, Short, Shorting you now too.

That's because most analysts think your stock has peaked and started a long downward descent. And if any of us have a thing to say about it, you will begin to lose your ruthless power as you lose your way and never make a comeback.

I will contribute to any campaign or PAC that will work to defeat her in her next re-election bid. Nancy needs to go sooner rather than later and we should be willing to do whatever possible to get her as out of power as she can get.

Again, short LMDM.


The Real Meaning of Joe the Plumber, by Andrew Klavan at Pajamas Media

ALSO JUST AS THE Obama administration purports to use our dwindling tax monies to to export abortion all over the world, a new Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans are more pro-Life than pro-choice for the first time since the question started being asked. Most of us now understand that a woman does indeed have the right to choose on the front end and those who don't bother to choose are demanding to rechoose on the back end.

In other words (except in very, very rare cases), they want their cake and eat it too. They, like Nancy Pelosi want to be enabled to say, They lied to me....oh boo hoo, I didn't know having sex would cause me to get this pregnant! They lied to me! I demand to take it all back!


Ellen said...

Fact 1: Pelosi is calling for the truth, all CIA briefings to be revealed.

Fact 2: The CIA lied about the briefings. Sen Graham revealed that the first time he asked the CIA when he was briefed on torture, the CIA claimed it had briefed him on two dates when no briefing took place. After Graham consulted his own records, he pointed out that on two of those dates, he had not attended any briefing. After Graham pointed this out to the CIA, they conceded their own dates were incorrect.

Fact 3: According to chief Army Psychologist in charge of interrogations (C. Burney), Cheney directed the torturers to extract a confession to prove a link between bin Laden and Saddam.

Fact 4: Al-Libi, the tortured person who provided the false information on WMD in Colin Powell's UN presentation - proof that tortured confessions contributed to the massive intelligence failure that preceded the Iraq war, was never moved to Guantanamo. He was kept a safe distance and conveniently "committed suicide" last week in a Libyan prison. hmmm...

Fact 5: A former FBI interrogator told the first Congressional hearing into "enhanced interrogation techniques" that waterboarding was slow, ineffective and unnecessary. He told the hearings under oath that after he had used non-abusive legal interrogation techniques to elicit useful information from Abu Zubaydah, CIA ‘contractors’ took over, waterboarded him, and the suspect "shut down" and refused to talk. This negates Cheney's specific claim that waterboarding produced intel from Zubaydah.

Looking at the above info, knowing that Cheney has refused to testify on torture under oath, who you going to believe?

Maybe we should ask someone who was waterboarded?

Pam said...

I saw that press conference. It was almost too painful to watch and listen to! Shameful I say! Loved the ticker label for her!

Webutante said...

Thanks Pam.

Actually, Ellen. I had lunch in DC yesterday with, among several other people, a man and former Marine who trained at Paris Island, SC. He told me that every tough interrogation technique that is now used, every Marine in boot camp had to go through. Even a form of waterboarding where he though he was going to drown...I won't bore you with the details but he said they were effective and by today's standards they all went through "torture."

That was before the sissification of war and basic training mind you. And the ACLU got inot every jot and tittle of our lives.

And he is, BTW, a conservative who believes in these techniques. So now you have it.

Webutante said...

One other thing, Ellen, Pelosi is a pathetic woman and despicable "leader." Even people in her own party are turning against her totally self serving ways.

William said...

No, it certainly looks as if the torture issue is not going. Maybe at some point the rule of law will prevail.

Paul Gordon said...

AJStrata has a good piece on this…

Truth Commission’s First Victim: Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
"By making the charge the CIA lied she has opened herself up to proving this charge. She has opened the door to a full investigation".


Webutante said...

Thanks for the good link, Paul.

And to my other commenter that I did not publish here, once again, this post is about Nancy Pelosi and whether she has perjured herself. I am not going to replow the subject of torture, only to pass on one man's opinion over lunch. I will not go back for full interrogation.

america hating libtard said...

Long live free speech!! :)

Webutante said...

And remember a very great aspect of free speech which we are loath to remember, vienna, is we have to right to decide what we will and won't listen to. Turning off the tellie, deleting comments is a First Amendment right.