Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Living Constitution is Killing Our Country


Today's IBD features a noteworthy editorial by Thomas Sowell entitled "How We're Killing Our 'Living Constitution.'"

Think it bears repeating that there's a real struggle going on in this country over the heart and soul of the Constitution: Is is fixed, with unmovable bedrock principles, or meant to evolve with the times, like a windblown stalk of corn? Most conservatives believe, as I do, that the Constitution is fixed by it's stated purposes of checks and balances on the three branches of government---both federal and state--as well as by enumerated powers which lay out explicitly and exactly what the federal government exists to accomplish for our citizens.

Needless to say the reach of the government has grown far outside the scope of this document for decades---with no end in sight, mainly through tapping the liberal, activist judges which reinterpret the Constitution by taking great liberties in interpretation.

Needless to say, the Obama administration intends to find judges who will further expand federal powers beyond anything the framers could have imagined in their wildest dreams.

While Obama says he's looking for federal judges for the Supreme Court with empathy, Sowell contends, and I agree, O is concealing his real goal---that of continuing to expand the scope of federal power and neutering the restraining powers of the Constitution on all branches of federal government for our citizens.

Thomas Jefferson, along with James Madison, must be twirling in their graves at the thought of what President Obama wants to do.

Sowell writes,

This process of interpreting the Constitution (or legislation) to mean pretty much whatever you want it to mean, no matter how plainly the words say something else, has been called judicial activism.....What is at stake in Supreme Court nominations is the power of the federal government...."Empathy" is just camouflage, a soothing word for those who do not look beyond nice sounding rhetoric.

I shudder to think the havoc---not to mention mammouth taxpayer expense--- more government expansion will bring. The president is nothing if not a BIG government man who understands little of the real workings of government that leaves people alone and lets them make their own choices and live out the consequences.

With today's headlines blaring out This year's deficit to be 4 times that of 2008 as well as news that the government is borrowing 50 cents on every dollar it's spending, I can only see big fiscal/economic/political train wrecks up ahead, as the Constitution hedonists run this country and the enumerated powers of government into the ground. Big train wrecks.

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