Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Birth of Christ, The First Coming

NEITHER THE BEGINNING NOR THE END of Salavation History, but the most important event of Earth history. There's much more to come. A Death and Resurrection. A Second Coming. Yet this week we remember and celebrate the humble First Coming, the Christ Child who came to be our substitute, to die in our place and be resurrected, thereby fixing some things badly out of whack since the Fall of Man. He came out of love for us to break the spell of eternal doom for mankind. To offer each of us a free gift, if only we will take it.

We look back and celebrate Christmas with joy and thanksgiving that The Fix Is In and now working its way through all human history and every fallen, dark heart. As we look back, we also look forward with tremendous expectation, and not a little trepidation, towards the climatic events hearalding the time Heaven will be fully founded on Earth. Stay tuned.

Lon Solomon talks on the important Three Christmas Questions at McLean Bible Church this weekend. Question 1: What exactly was the problem that Jesus came to fix? 2: Why did it have to be Jesus and not someone else? And finally 3: How does the Virgin birth and Christmas fit into the scheme of all of this? As usual, Lon puts these questions and answers in dazzling perspective for us to ponder and better understand the importance of the Christmas season to each of our lives and ultimate eternal destiny.

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Jungle Mom said...

History seen through the lens of God's eternal plane for mankind is so
heart warming.To know He is in control and cares.