Monday, December 8, 2008

I Admit It

I'm one of those crazy, happy idiots who simply won't stop trying to do something until I've exhausted every possibility and worn myself out in the process. Sometimes it takes a very long time for me to figure out how, kind of like working a differential equation in days of old.

Take for instance, selecting a favorite YouTube video and putting it on my sidebar. Nothing in the gadgets department suited or allowed me to do it the way I wanted to do it. So I gave up for a while and then came back several more times to try something else. And failed again. Well tonight, I hit pay dirt! I got a video of my choice on my sidebar by going through the text gadget and found it works in HTML----sort of. I'm beside myself. Sure you can only see half the screen. But what does that matter if there's great music and you can see all you need to see on the left half!?

I'm going to have some fun with this during Christmas. Anyway if you'll scroll down on my sidebar on the right, you'll see a half YouTube screen. You can click on the little arrow and the video will start up the same as usual. Oh, joy! I have a new toy! A one-armed video.


Gerard said...

In the embed code there are two statements that say:

object width="480" height="295"

Change BOTH of them to read

object width="320" height="264"

And you will see more of the video. If your sidebar is less than 320 pixels wide, you'll have to fuss with it -- keeping both width and height values in proportion to make it fit.

There are tutorial videos somewhere on youtube that show you how to do this.

This article has it in detail.

Webutante said...

Oh. Oh. I see. Thank you, thank you, Gerard.

Will get back to tweaking and fussing this afternoon when I have a minute free and have time to get frustrated. Can't wait to see what happens.