Friday, December 12, 2008

Detroit's Big Three Are Bankrupt, Obama's Three Chicago Crony/Advisers Need to Go Too


It's the best thing that can happen to the country for America's big three auto industry NOT to be bailed out by Congress. It will enable a massive restructuring of debt, declaration of bankruptcy and the opportunity for them and many of their workers to be absorbed into the newer, lither companies who make better cars and actually turn a profit in the process. It also spells the continuing demise of the greedy auto unions who nailed their coffins with demand upon demand. Good for GOP Senators who did not let this bailout happen Thursday. Letting them fail paves the way for restructure and success down the, er, road.

It's also best for the country if Mr. Obama now gets rid of his top three senior advisers David Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel and Valeri Jarrett all of whom hail from and grew up politically in the cesspool of the Chicago Daley political machine. That way, he can start his new administration without the stench drifting eastward across America from the current Blagojevich scandel. The Chicago Three need to go back from whence they came. Even before all the questions are answered. The sooner the better. Michael Reagan has more today at Human Events.

The answer to all the above questions is just let them go. Portions of the auto companies will be re-constituted and come back in a better form for the industry, the consumers and the workers.


vienna va said...

Demand after demand. Right. It's ALWAYS the union's fault.

Is it a fair hours pay for a fair hour worked that's too much to ask? Or is it an employer who offers health insurance to the workers that is an excessive demand? Acrrued paid sick/personal leave breaking the bank? Hopefully you're not placing "demand after demand" on your employer - or stuck with horrible benefits that the UAW gets for the middle class workers it represents.

You say you're pro-life. Just out of curiousity - does that concern apply to the 6 million families who's jobs are tied to the auto industry, or is it simply the unborn that get your sympathy?

I wish I could have your flippant attitude towards auto workers and their families. Unfortunately my husband's family lives on GM pensions and watching the Southern Cabal of Union haters blame them for the problems at GM is more than we can stomach. The Shelby's and Corker's of the world - millionaires both - would like nothing more than the death of labor unions. They're both pro-life, too. Unfortunately for the working class in America that pro-life position doesn't seem to apply to them.

And it's Valerie Jarrett, not Valeri.

Webutante said...

My heart goes out to auto workers who will lose their jobs. However, I stand by what I think, the auto unions have been one of the main contributors to the demise of their industry in America. They care more about power than their people. It's called biting the hand that feeds you.

You tell me if it's okay the unions have helped bankrupt the auto industry.

William said...

I think there's a middle ground here. I don't want to see people lose their jobs but I can't walk in lock step with the liberals on this one.

Those who are truly progressive should want better for America. Yes these auto makers need to be put back to work but not in 'business as usual.'

The automakers should be placed in government receivership before any money is given. Fire the CEOs and restructure with America’s BEST technology aimed at energy independence. Convert to useful and saleable technologies, like mass transit systems, maglev trains, etc…

I realize this may be painful for the shareholders, but America can’t be married to old and inefficient technology for the sake of business. Sorry to be so cold, but it’s time to move forward and lead the world again. Obama should appoint a task force of scientists and engineers including the best and the brightest from not only America, but from around the world to restructure. Haven’t you noticed? French and Japanese passenger trains make American trains look like antiques. We should have constructed mass transit systems as a part of our interstate highways.

We need progressive forward thinking here and at the same time, temporary protection for unemployed auto workers until restructuring has taken place.

This business about attacking Obama's staff because their from Chicago is like saying everyone who has a house in TN is a redneck.

vienna va said...

I don't think the unions have bankrupted the auto industry. Why don't you list for me what you call the selfish demands and greed of the unions? You're constantly railing about the unions asking for too much, so list their outrageous demands.

Let's put this in perspective: If your employer said to you, Jane, I'm going to cut your salary 30% by the end of March, I'm going to stop sponsoring your health insurance and you're not guaranteed to have a job after June - and if you don't agree to these demands I'm going to blame you for the company going under, would you would stand by and take it?

I say whatever Congress demands of the UAW they should also demand of themselves. Afterall, the government is bankrupt too.