Monday, December 15, 2008

Blagojevich, Soul Brother of John Edwards

BROTHERS IN PAUL MITCHELL: I'm always suspicious of a man who's overly concerned with his hair. This guy is worse than John Edwards, but they're still cut from the same mold.

"Among those most relieved by Rod Blagojevich's indictment may, in fact, be his staff. According to The New York Times, in the run-up to his indictment, Blagojevich routinely showed up late and berated employees. Upon learning that an employee's step-father had suffered a stoke, Blago asked if that man's family would donate to his campaign; he screamed "You're trying to sabotage my career!" at staff members when his daughters took too long to put on their shoes, making him late for a tree-lighting ceremony; and, he was inordinately concerned about his hair, flying into a rage whenever his Paul Mitchell hair brush, which he referred to as "the football," was out of reach. The Times also reports that, in 2004, Blagojevich was certain that he would be chosen as John Kerry's vice presidential nominee, but he was unsure if he wanted the position. Today’s Chicago Sun-Times has a source saying that Blago, who met with his defense attorney yesterday, has decided not to resign."

---The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet


Paul Gordon said...

Since Blagojevich is a member of a party I don't like, I try to temper my natural tendency to want to believe this of him.

I ask myself "What proof do I have of that description above? Can any human being really be such a malignant narcissist?"

And then I look at him, and his hairstyle, and all doubt flees.

Truly, What You See Is What You Get.


gcotharn said...

"Always suspicious of a man who's overly concered with his hair." ha ha! Exactly so! Thinking about it, I realize I am actually disdainful of a man who is overly concerned with his hair. I subconsciously consider him less than a man. Fastidious appearance has it's place - yet a man should handle his hair in tidy fashion and then move on! A man should have many more important things to concern himself with than his hair! If his hair falls out of order during the day, this is more a sign of gravitas and less a sign of ... sloppiness. Sloppy is dirty or wrinkled clothing, and unshined shoes or boots, and unkempt fingernails. Lightly disheveled hair is gravitas. This is my code of manhood, which has until now been somewhat unconcious, but which I now openly declare!

Webutante said...

So narcissists like Edwards and Blago can't have gravitas no matter how serious they act, think we can assume, and therefore can't really be taken seriously. And shouldn't be taken seriously.

Paul Gordon said...

Web, I think that actually sums it up rather well.

People like that are so full of themselves they have no room for gravitas or a sense of humor (I think the two are complementary), and should not be taken seriously.

Ironically, they are actually warning us by their behavior; sort of unintentional "truth-in-advertising".

Zoe said...

They say that people who part their hair on the right are untrustworthy and dishonest.

Blago, Gore, Edwards, B. Clinton...

Ya know what they have in common?

The part doesn't lie!

Zoe said...

Also, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - I just looked - Right parter!

Interesting tidbit:

Clark Kent (right part), Superman - you guessed it! LEFT!

It is scientificalish!

Webutante said...

veeeery interesting, Zoe; now we know the rest of zee story..

Zoe said...

Obama - no part.

I will not deny you the chance of making a funny.