Monday, December 22, 2008

Dick Cheney Will Be Grandly Missed

THERE ARE SO MANY, many reasons to like Dick Cheney and here's only one of them. There are so many reasons our enemies despise him. He will be grandly missed in the days, months and years ahead. Though there's always a chance I'll run into him at some of our favorite undisclosed locations.....if you get my drift.

Farewell and tight lines, Mr. Vice President.


Jungle Mom said...

If you run into him say hello for me! I am expecting you to get a few interesting comments on this one:)

Pam said...

When I read the article in the Washington Times, I thought of you!! The fly-fishing of course!

Many have said my dad resembles Mr. Cheney. Dad considers it a compliment!

Merry Christmas, Stay safe!

Bob said...

If you do run into him, tell him I love him and Lynne, and tell him thank you for keeping us safe.

Sissy Willis said...

To speak of my beloved Dick "I disagree with the premise of your question" Cheney and the pompiferous Joseph Biden in the same breath is a profanation.