Friday, June 5, 2015

Getting to Know and Love My Inner Bigot

I ALMOST CONSIDER IT A COMPLIMENT IN THE RARE TIMES (SO FAR) I'M SHOUTED DOWN AS A BIGOT.  It's the liberal left's latest addition to its lexicon of put-downs  like homophobic, racist, sexist,  science denier and so on.

Recently a friend called me a bigot with a straight face because I said I believe in what the Bible says about salvation. He, a catholic with a lot of  universalism throw in,  believes God will ultimately allow all men into heaven, especially good Muslims, even if they haven't accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and still worship Allah.  I quoted some Scripture before being verbally hung out to dry.  He sounded a lot like a theologian from the church of the New York Times as he wielded bigotism at me at warp speed.  I then dared to suggest he read the Apostle Paul's letter to the Romans, what I consider the greatest epistle ever written.  Suffice it to say this conversation did not proceed or end well.

Trust me again, because of his over-the-top-name-calling,  it was a shake the dust off your feet moment for at least now.

Anyway,  I expect to get that moniker more and more now, since it's come so back in vogue. Put-downs meant to intimidate one into political and religious correctness are part and parcel of the price of having beliefs and principles that you willing to defend.

Today, one of my favorite writers Stuart Schneiderman at Had Enough Therapy writes eloquently on yet another way we can get thrown into the bigot dungeon by the self-righteous elites who know better than anyone else about what constitutes reality and what doesn't  In Will the Real Kaitlyn Jenner Stand Up? Stuart writes :

We pride ourselves on being children of the enlightenment. We worship at the altar of the god of Reason and thrill to the reign of empirical fact. No vulgar superstitions for us. We believe in science. God help you if you do not.

But, we believe in science… but only up to a point. In the absence of traditional religion, we are building a nature cult. 

And cults have nothing to do with science. They have everything to do with belief and conviction. They are catnip for the gullible.

If you want to belong to the new nature cult you will be tested. You will need to show that you can accept propositions that are scientifically untrue.

If you believe that men and women are different, that their difference is based on reality, you will be expelled from the cult and sent off to live in the land of the bigots.

If you believe that Caitlyn Jenner is not every inch a woman, as much of a woman as Kim Kardashian you will be rejected from the cult and shunned as a bigot.

It’s almost as though Vanity Fair is testing our gullibility. We have been invited to gaze on the highly photoshopped picture of Caitlyn Jenner and to assent to the fact that she is all-woman.

The test seems to be how quickly and how fully you can declare your joy at the effulgent femininity of Caitlyn Jenner.

If you do not drop to your knees in awe at the miracles that plastic surgery can perform you are a bigot.
The really fun part of this piece is about Jon Stewart's comments on Bruce, I mean Caitlin, or  Kaitlyn? starting in smooth political correctness waters before suddenly hitting a class 4 rapids in choppy sexists waters:

Stewart began his riff by announcing that he is overjoyed to see so many people accepting Caitlyn Jenner as just another one of the girls.

It's really heartening to see that everyone is willing to not only accept Caitlyn Jenner as a woman, but to waste no time in treating her like a woman.

We are all heartened to see Stewart, slightly tongue in cheek, jump on the politically correct bandwagon. If he had refused to do it, he would have been drummed off the air.

But, sad to say, Stewart managed to let slip an incredibly bigoted statement, that is:

You take away the corset and the make-up and I don’t know if anyone wants to bang her.

Horror of horrors, such flagrantly abusive sexism should not be allowed on Comedy Central. It’s a disgrace to define Caitlyn in terms of her availability for sexual congress… especially at a time when she is notably lacking in lady bits.

One might easily argue that Bruce is a modern day transvestite, more than transgendered.

In fact, Kaitlyn has been posed to hide the fact that she still has her man parts. One suspects that it took more than a corset to make her waist so wasp-like. Clearly, those cannot really be her hips. And also, Piade Solenni pointed out, her hands are hidden from view. The size of her hands would give the game away.
Yep, nobody is going to fool me into thinking what I cannot for the life of me think. So yes, call me bigot. It's there I stand, and can do no other.

Meanwhile, read the rest of Stuart's terrific piece.

And learn to do the bigot boogie.

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