Thursday, June 18, 2015

Charleston Victims' Families Need Our Desperate Prayers


THE ALLEGED GUNMAN IS IDENTIFIED AS a 21 year-old kid who used meth, cocaine,  psycho drugs and mixes them with large doses of hate, ignorance  delusions of grandeur,  low-class hate and a desperate need  to be notorious.  This is not just a hate crime motivated by race,  it's an act of maximum evil.

We need to pray for mercy for the victims' families and friends, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and also for the terrible downhill direction our country is sliding.


fraydna52 said...

We are near Charleston for beach week, having a great time but so very saddened by this. Everyone here that we've had contact with, locals and visitors alike, are expressing the same thoughts of the need for prayer for everyone affected. No one has sounded angry or vindictive, just very grieved about such a horrible crime.

Webutante said...

One of the great mysteries in life to me, fraydna, is why, often, the best of the best people in the world die like this.

Yet I know, God is in control, and these precious people are in his loving care and comfort. God bless on your family time at the beach.....I'm trying to get away for Houston, Denver, Laramie and finally Jackson Hole in the next few days....