Sunday, June 28, 2015

God Has A Sense of Humor When I Don't


SO HERE I AM UNDER THE FLATIRONS OF BOULDER CATCHING MY BREATH after a long, long drive from Houston (and Nashville) on my way to Jackson, Wyoming with a lot of sadness in the aftermath of the SCOTUS same-sex ruling on Friday.  At this point I am content  never to hear about any more of this news  of the past few days again....I'm sick of worrying about the Constitution,  the death of federalism, the over-reach of the federal government, the politicization of the silly high court and the potential loss of religious freedom...sick of it all at the moment.

But then, here comes God with His own brand of irony and sense of humor choreographing my next few days in a way I can't escape.  I'm hemmed in. God knows I've tried to escape...but so far to no avail.

So where am I heading later today?  To meet with my new best friend and gay author of The Book of Matt, Steve Jimenez in Laramie for the next several days.   There's no denying it---he's a man I have grown to love and respect since we met almost two years ago. We are meeting again to discuss our mutual friend Russell Henderson who's currently in a Wyoming state prison for two consecutive life sentences with no chance of parole for allegedly killing Matthew Shepard. It was Aaron McKinney coming down from a meth bender who killed Matt in a drug deal gone terribly wrong.  Henderson, who was in the truck and was also beaten up by McKinney when he tried to intervene, never got a trial because the town of Laramie ran out of money and forced him into a plea bargain under threat of the death penalty. You can read all about it, if you choose.  The Book of Matt.


Meanwhile,  I left Steve a message yesterday that I didn't want to discuss gay marriage at all over the next few days--even over a glass of wine....or two...or a bottle (just a joke).

Why does God put me in these sort of untimely situations?  It's not funny and I still don't have my sense-of-humor back. But OK,  I'm going to see my great new friend and surely we can find something to talk about.... we're also going to spend time with Russell's dear, invalid grandmother and shower her with love, care and lots of attention.

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