Thursday, June 24, 2010

On The Road Again

GETTING AWAY FOR SEVERAL MONTHS is always hard work, but I can't remember a time I've been busier before migrating. After hitting a big deer on I-81 in SW Virginia over Memorial Day weekend (want to write about it later when I can) and subsequently being delayed in the east 10 days longer than scheduled for repairs, I returned to Nashville to catch up and make up for lost time.

This afternoon I said my last goodbyes to family and friends in 95+ degree heat and headed up I-24, I-57 and I-64 for Kentucky, Illinois then Missouri. Friday it's more Missouri and a whole lot of Kansas. Colorado comes onto the horizon Saturday morning. It's a slow, imperceptible elevation gain from 500' in the Nashville basin to 5,280' rolling into Denver. Most of the trip now will be on I-70.

Meanwhile, I'm almost too tired to care whether Al Gore has been described as a wild sex poodle---how strange---or just the world's dullest noodle. Make no mistake, whatever the answer, he's never been one of my favorite people. But I've got to say in his defense that any woman who goes to a man's hotel room anytime of the day or night, under whatever pretense, especially to give a full-body massage to a man who's been drinking, is asking for, well---how to say it?--asking for a major life lesson in men and opportunistic sex.

None of it surprises me, though it is indeed bizarre. Also terribly uninteresting for more than five minutes, at most.


mRed said...

You drive safe and most of all, enjoy!

Paul_In_Houston said...

Approaching Denver from the other direction (coming from Las Vegas), I found Utah to have some of the most spectacular country I've ever been through; so much so that Colorado was anti-climatic afterward.

Hope you get the chance to check that out sometime, if it's not on your current itinerary.


Webutante said...

Utah is beautiful country; will be spending the 4th with friends on the Utah line in Grand Junction CO. Hope you've had a good trip, Paul.

Marie said...

I think it is significant that the woman in question is a certified massage therapist (which is not a phony certificate) and was referred by a hotel that does not appear to be a whore stop.

Webutante said...

I agree, Marie.

I listened to the woman's testimony on audio today. If it's true, Gore was not willing to let her go. Probably happens all the time, but still chilling as to how she tried to get away from a 'famous' man who was much bigger physically than her.