Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trump Hires Toughest of the Tough Guy Lawyers Marc Kasowitz To Stand Firm With Him and His Agenda

GOOD FOR HIM.  I tell you what,  I've found out the hard way there's nothing like finding a pitbull, no nonsense smart-as-hell lawyer when you need one.  They're expensive as all getout, but Lord are they worth it---especially when the defendant has to pay all your legal bills in the end.  These guys are in a class all their own and often not terribly genial.  But rather have them on your side than again you. Oh and, these guys won't touch your case unless they know from the start that they can most likely win it.

Marc E. Kasowitz is Trump's lawyer's name and he practices based of New York City.

Read the article that starts like this:

When James B. Comey, the former director of the F.B.I., testifies in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday about his ousting by President Trump, one man is likely to be watching perhaps even more intently than the president — and taking notes on a legal pad.

That would be Marc E. Kasowitz, Mr. Trump’s recently appointed outside lawyer, a longtime counsel to the president who was hired to defend him in these latest circumstances should the need arise.
Inside the White House — and throughout Washington — much time has been spent handwringing and gossiping over his appointment as Beltway insiders try to understand more about Mr. Kasowitz, an outsider to the political establishment.
Trump's life and administration just got even more interesting, if that's possible. I would hope Kasowitz would put the bit on the president and curb some of his midnight tweets while he's at it. My lawyer put the fear of God in me about a number of things, and when he talked, I had better listen. He essentially put me under house arrest for a year and a half.  Oh yes he did.

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