Thursday, June 15, 2017

Should Members of Congress Be Packing Heat After Alexandria?

THERE'S NO DOUBT THAT SECURITY FOR CONGRESSMEN AND  PEOPLE IN TRUMP'S ADMINISTRATION NEEDS to be beefed up big time.  Everything and everywhere is a potential mass shooting event now.  Security needs increasing in churches too---or at least the conservative ones I go to. There's also no doubt that increased protection will cost taxpayers billions, if not trillions, going forward.

Here's a piece I found via HotAir that's well worth a read.  Should members of Congress increase security or pack more heat in and around D.C., in their homes both in the District and home districts?  It's a staggering question with no easy answers as unbalanced and extreme individuals become more and more unhinged.

Wish I were more optimistic, but unfortunately I see more civil violence and murders in cold blood in the days and years to come, rather than less.  Glad I have a carry permit and now need to re- decide when and how to exercise it more effectively.

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