Friday, March 24, 2017

Yes, They Pulled the Bill----Good For Trump and America

UPDATES: DON SURBER GETS IT RIGHT: PRESIDENT TRUMP NOW DE FACTO SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE  President Trump killed Ryancare and Paul Ryan's career today making the president the de facto Speaker of the House. This is a good move for Republicans and the Republic.

MICHAEL WALSH @ PJMEDIA: PAUL RYAN TAKES THE BARZINI MEETING: Paul Ryan walked straight into the Barzini trap that president Trump set for him. By insisting that the voters desired "Repeal and Replace" when in fact all anybody wanted was "Repeal, full stop," Ryan's inner wonk superseded his duties as the speaker of the House to ensure the votes were there for the "Replace" part of the equation. That they weren't should be the end of his speakership.

FORGET THE CATASTROPHIZING...JUST GO BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD AND WORK YOUR BUNS OFF TO REPEAL OBAMACARE BEFORE TRYING TO REPLACE  IT.  It probably should be done in a minimum of two separate bills. Or let Obamacare explode or implode. One way or another, Obamacare is going down.

This is clearly a win for the American people in the long run.   Forget the nonsense that this is a blow to Trump and his deal-making.  Trump knows a bad deal when he sees it.  He hates to lose.   It's a good thing because this bill was not worth saving.

Perhaps we'll go back to the drawing board and get the thing right next time.

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