Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trump Stands His Ground With Grace and Mercy In The Best Speech of His Life---So Far

THE TOUCHING AND EMOTIONAL SCENE ABOVE OF RYAN OWEN'S WIDOW CARRYN IN THE HOUSE GALLERY DURING A ROUSING STANDING OVATION Tuesday night is forever embedded in my and millions of others' collective memory as we watched President Trump's amazing speech. Trump became president at that moment, period.

I fell asleep soon after with a deep, deep sense of gratitude that we in the United States are entering and starting to live through a phenomenal time,  the likes of which I, for one, have not seen, not even with Ronald Reagan.

Seeing the glum, sour, ashen dourness of Nancy Pelosi---protesting in white---- in the audience only served to highlight the contrast of what this election has wrought.  She reminded me of  Cinderella's wicked step-mother when she learned the glass slipper fit Cinderella's foot and not the feet of her garish, vulgar daughters.
Meanwhile, much of the rest of America clapped, cheered and gave thanks from chairs and sofas across the country.  

There's no point  saying or rehashing what others have written better elsewhere.  But I will link to a few here.  Today is Lent, and as I go to a noon service,  I will continue to give thanks to  God who is blessing us with a reprieve from the dark abyss we were heading for at warp speed. We must never stop praying for our country and the Trump presidency that is now at the helm and steering us right. The angry left will redouble its efforts to immobilize and marginalize this administration. To wit: Neo writes about the townhall meetings takeover. We must stand firm and support the president and our elected officials. We must push them to stay the course and not drag their feet.

From The Hill....Roger L. Simon asks rhetorically if last night was the death of the Democratic party.....The Hill again on the Thumbs Up of both sides of the media. Don Surber weighs in.


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