Friday, March 17, 2017

Angelina Jolie's Publicity Stunt's Epic Fail

ANGELINA JOLIE IS HER OWN WOMAN OF THE WORLD.  She's a global phenomenon as she flits endlessly from country to country dragging her menagerie of children with her as props for her many attention-getting  causes. As such, it appears that Jolie makes her own rules for any and everything without any sense of propriety, appropriateness or cultural decorum.  She makes her rules and expects everyone else just to follow along and adore her.  There's no real objective right or wrong  in her world.  There's just Jolie at the center of her narcissistic, subjective universe.

Her meeting Thursday with the Archbishop of Canterbury in London is a case in point. It was reported that she met the head of the Anglican Church to discuss sexual violence toward women.  So, what better way to express her endless concern for these victims than to dress as a sexual temptress and bear her thinly veiled nipples under a thin cashmere sweater.  After all, Ms. Jolie could never be content just letting the issue be the issue.  It's much better to become the issue and what better way than a vulgar show of one's anatomy?  All the better to do so with a member of the clergy.  It will draw more attention to her. She seems desperate for attention.

What is she thinking?  Does she ever stop to think she's actually sabotaging her 'causes' by becoming a distraction such that no one will even  remember what this meeting was  about?

Did Jolie remember what this meeting was about?  Oh, right, it was about her. The sexual violence thing was just a ruse and a distant second to sexual titillation.

I admit I'm becoming my grandmother in an age of anything goes.  However,  in my book,  Ms. Jolie is making a global spectacle of herself as she goes about being an unprofessional emissary.  Her behavior is low-class and inappropriate. As an emissary, she represents yet another reason for our country to defund the U.N. sooner rather later.

Rumor has it that Jolie has her ambitious sights on getting elected to Parliament's House of Commons.  What irony for such a common acting woman. Lood guck, my dear.

That's all I have to say on the subject of this poor self-defeating female. 

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