Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Permanant Deflation of Tom Brady's Star In the Court of Public Opinion

THIS OP/ED IN THE NY POST TODAY FOLLOWING THE NEWS OF TOM BRADY'S NFL SUSPENSION BEING UPHELD, proves once again that no matter how much fame and fortune a man may achieve, it's never, ever enough:

He couldn’t smash his own cellphone — he had to tell a flunky to do it. That’s how privileged Tom Brady has grown. It’s one telling detail in an appalling fall.

With his smug defense of his Deflategate coverup, Brady has turned a fairy tale — from 199th pick in the NFL draft to perhaps the greatest quarterback ever, with four Super Bowl rings, a supermodel wife and mansions ’round the world — into trash.

He stands exposed as a scoundrel — quick to cheat, cover up and still preen.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell likely would’ve shown mercy on the Patriots quarterback had the star not engaged in “destruction of relevant evidence” — mainly, the cellphone the NFL had asked to examine, to check for texts with team staffers fingered for deflating Brady’s balls before last fall’s AFC championship game. Brady ranted, “I replaced my broken Samsung phone . . . after my attorneys made it clear to the NFL that my actual phone device would not be subjected to investigation under any circumstances.”

The gazillionaire next talked up his union membership — a pathetic play for sympathy. Then he falsely implied that he’d been disciplined for the evidence-destruction. No, Tom, it was the cheating. Fine: The NFL process is no court of law.

But you won’t impress many fans by airily declaring evidence off-limits to investigators — and then having your minion trash it. What’s next? Brady — backed by Patriots management and his union — is headed to court to contest the suspension. Maybe he’ll win. In the American court of public opinion, though, Tom Brady’s reputation stands permanently deflated. 

And we won't even talk about Gisele's recent burqa-wearing stunt in Paris  recently.  Frankly, who cares whether she gets plastic surgery?  It's the hypocrisy that people are turned off by.

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