Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gay Baker Jesse Bartholomew Chastises Fellow Gays For Wanting to Force Anyone to Do Their Wedding Cake Who Doesn't Want To

THIS GAY BAKER JESSE BARTHOLOMEW IS 100% CORRECT:  No one should be forced to bake a wedding cake or do any preparations for a gay wedding who doesn't agree or want to.  There are plenty of other people who will gladly do it. Can't embed it, but link to Jesse's rant is here.

He can't tell his fellow gays and lesbians how disgusted he is with them and their bullying. Shame on them, according to Bartholomew.

Radical gay Nazis are wrong to try to force everyone to agree and celebrate gay marriage. It will never work and just another form of forced religion. The backlash will be not be pretty.

Truth is,  citizens in our country are free to object for religious reasons or for no reason at all.   Or. For. No. Reason. At. All. Would gay bakers want  hetero conservatives to force them to do anything they don't want to do, including being dragged to church to  'get religion'?

Of course not. But radical gays want a double standard.  They want their cake and eat it too.

Thank you Jesse Bartholomew for speaking truth to nonsense.

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