Sunday, July 19, 2015

The End of the Road For Cosby and Trump

I KNOW IT'S SUNDAY AND I INTEND TO DO ANOTHER POST SOON AFTER THIS SHORT ONE. Still I'd like to take a minute to say how painfully obvious it is that both Bill Cosby and Donald Trump have completely lost whatever vestige of reputation each of them had left in the public eye.

With the publicity surrounding Cosby's newly released 2005 deposition admitting he used drugs to seduce vulnerable women, there's no doubt that Bill's career has come to the end of the road, not a minute too soon.

It didn't take Donald Trump nearly as long to self-destruct with his latest arrogant stunt comments on Senator John McCain not being a war hero. Terrible and shameful, especially since John refused his prison release until all his fellow POWs were let out with him. This opened him up to additional torture and extreme suffering. BTW, I am no great fan of McCain but have to take his side in this one whether he did anything heroic on the battlefield or not. Rod Dreher has a short piece up on Trump's demise.

All I can say now to both is Good, Good Riddance. 

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