Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday---John Piper Writes the Christian Response to Brittany Maynard On God and Death By Physician Assisted Suicide, Saying We Are Not Our Own


I HAVE TWO GOOD FRIENDS, BOTH MY DEVOUT SISTERS IN CHRIST, WHO ARE BATTLING METASTASIZED CANCER RIGHT NOW.  I saw one friend this afternoon, and spoke with the other in Illinois on the phone today.

Both these ladies are courageous and bravely bearing  the suffering God has put on them.  Each is carrying on with lightness, laughter and a hope that's real. The best part is my friends have an eternal perspective in the midst of their trials that gives meaning and depth to their suffering and a fresh poignancy to each new day.  The longer they live, the greater their appreciation for the smallest things in life.

One friend reiterated this afternoon Paul's famous phrase from Phillipians 1:21---For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. 

 Which brings me to John Piper and his eloquent response to Brittany Maynard and anyone who is suffering and planning physician-assisted suicide to end their ordeal on their own timing. It's a wonderful read that covers terminal illness, suffering and death from a godly perspective of letting God be in charge and submitting to His timing in all things.

I'm sure many Christians as well as others are very happy Brittany has relented and postponed her November 1 departure. Am also sure, many of us pray that she will live her life until God has fulfilled His purpose for her.

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