Wednesday, November 5, 2014

An Historic Opportunity Like No Other With Not Even A Second to Lose---We Must Hold New GOP Congress' Feet to the Fire


DON'T CARE WHAT YOU CALL LAST NIGHT'S ASTOUNDING GOP VICTORY---A WAVE? PARTICLE? LANDSLIDE? ROUT? SWEEP?---it presents an historic opportunity to change the country's hopeless direction and frightening agenda with its tired PC narratives  that were quickly taking us over a cliff.

Celebrations need to be quickly tempered and replaced by action and hard work based on sound  conservative principles. We all need to work overtime, in overdrive.  It's a huge responsibility that's been put on the newly elected. We also need to immediately start recruiting fresh, right candidates for 2016.

I couldn't agree more with Roger Simon writing last night at PJMedia  Hooray for the Wave, Now  Forget It. But I would add, emphatically it will take ALL of us voters participation in righting these wrongs, rather than us walking  away and leaving  Congress to do its thing on Capitol Hill.

Haven't we suffered enough by doing it the other way and giving politicians the benign neglect treatment?

Here are two encouraging signs we should all rejoice in: Rising  GOP star Elise Stefanik goes to the House and  black candidate Tim Scott is  duly elected in South Carolina to go back to the Senate after being appointed to take Jim DeMint's seat by Gov. Nikki Haley in 2013.   So much for the ridiculous war on women and war on blacks false narratives that tired, old Hillary (useless in Arkansas?) continues to exhaust us with.

Everything I voted for in Tennessee, including curtailing Tennessee's being a destination resort for out-of-state abortion seekers and wine in grocery stores, won.  I give thanks that I live in a Red State--though not a red city---and do not take it for granted for one minute.

Meanwhile, back in the country outside Nashville,  my lil  kitten, Snickers,  celebrated quietly with her favorite ball of aqua yarn.

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