Friday, November 21, 2014

A Few Words About the Myriad Rape Claims On Bill Cosby's Casting Couch



In fact, Cosby's pants have got to be on fire for decades now.

So yes, I believe Bill Cosby---like Bob Hope---is/was a major sexual predator---whether it's ever proven---or whether he continues to get by without making a statement addressing these claims. Whether his enabling wife continues to stand by her man and enjoy the good life he's providing.

As far as I'm concerned, he's toast as a role model and American icon of bootstraps success. I find the entire subject sickening and very sad, to be honest, and can't even stand to look, or post, a photo or video of him here at Webutante.

 But there's a little more I want to say about this too: Wherever there's a predator, there's always a person---usually a woman---who wittingly or unwittingly is willing to be a target to be preyed on.  That part of the story is rarely addressed in our post-personal responsible, politically/culturally correct world.  A man may sense her  ambitious vanity, pride, desire to be rich and famous or her poverty and loneliness and act on it.   It's wrong and despicable,  but it still happens all the time.

I mean what smart woman in any private or public setting who's in her right mind would let a man hand her a little white pill or two with a glass or water or wine and take it--- and bottoms up it---without questioning what it was and why it was being offered?

What woman or even teenager would go to a man's hotel room or home unaccompanied, or let him come to hers without at least thinking there might, just might, be an ulterior sexual motive?   Especially if she's in seductive mode herself...with a low cut outfit on with full cleavage exposed?

I mean where do all these women get off without taking any responsibility, ANY, for putting themselves in harms way of a man whose basic instincts are always going to run to his lower limbic brain in times of such titillation and expectation?   Do we really think political correctness will overcome the basic laws of nature?  If so, we've lost our collective mind.

I mean, when I look at photos of  so called 'supermodel' Janice Dickinson,  in the past as well as today,  I see a sexual opportunist who shamelessly flaunts her body.   A predator like Cosby sees her as a target of prey and says to himself---Bulls Eye! Afterwards she wants sympathy for her encounter with him years ago without taking even a tad of personal responsibility?

If women completely get off the hook for their part in such unbecoming liaisons, then we infantilize them and society is really done for.

Bill Cosby is a powerful, influential and wealthy depraved man and I'm sure many women  have vied for his attentions and favors in various ways over the decades.  When Bill senses their  invitations and provocations,  they cannot cry that they had no part whatsoever in the sexual violence and power domination that ensues

Every sexual victimizer like Cosby needs a victim to perpetrate his depraved folly.  Bill Cosby has evidently had more than his share of women willing to swallow those little white pills near a casting couch or opulent boudoir. Both Cosby and his ladies were in the wrong big time.... It happens all the time in Hollywood, Washington and everywhere in between.....and the rest is cloudy, drug/booze-fueled history.

This Cosby fellow is done for, ancient history.  But there are thousands more from where he comes from.

And that's all I shall have to say about that----ever.

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