Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SCOTUS: Do Critics Know the Specific Drugs Hobby Lobby Objected to Providing Because of Religious Convictions?

UPDATE: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR HOBBY LOBBY DECISION CRITICS APPARENTLY NOT. But hey! Who'd want to let facts or information get in the way of a good summer protest and riot-filled costume party? SOURCE And here's another thing: liberal women want to make this case about sexual freedom and rights (without responsibilities) when the case is really about religious freedom and being able to hold moral convictions in the worldplace over government mandate that would dictate otherwise. An immature woman incorrectly believes---or says she believes---that a woman's right to irresponsible, unprotected sex then having it underwritten by taxpayers should trump all other Constitutional freedoms. In other words, her highest concern is her body---which by the way, she turned over to the federal government years ago.

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