Friday, July 18, 2014

What's More Painful--- Divorce or Tattoo Afterwards?


HERE'S A GREAT PIECE ON TATTO REGRET AND THE 440% SURGE IN TATTOO REMOVAL in the last 10 years.  Getting them taken off is very painful and far from a perfect process.

What are the main reasons for wanting to reverse body art?   Romantic and relationship breakups/divorces and the urgent need to get in, or back into, the job market to support oneself.  Growing up is the short answer.  Yes, I know hundreds of professional players have them, but are the mojority of them really adults?

As the business of tattoo removal surges, Marketwatch has the full story and statistics.

Have to admit I have a bias against people/20-somethings with tattoos. I think tattoos are vulgar.  To me it screams immaturity, rebellion/anger and not taking care of one's body. It seems to go with smoking, heavy drinking/drugs taking and sexual indiscretion .  Surely that's not true across the board, but it certainly seems true in my  little world.

 Now then, a temporary tattoo that washes off with, say, a drawing of William Shakespeare or a little butterfly or rose ....well, that's a different, more fun story! Do it, then wash it off.

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