Thursday, July 17, 2014

In More Important News: Archbishop of Canterbury Quits Travellers Club For Lack of Admitting Ladies To Full Membership

AFTER ANGLICANS VOTE TO ALLOW WOMEN BISHOPS IN THEIR CHURCH, THE ARCHBISHOP WON'T STAND FOR LADIES BEING BANNED FULL MEMBERSHIP in his favorite stodgy men's club in London---throwing a hissy fit and promising to quit.

Personally I think men need a last bastion---a place of their own with a few rooms where women are not allowed--like an old bar and smoking room. Good for the gentlemen for holding the line for now. It probably won't last however.   I myself much prefer to be taken to the Metropolitan Club for lunch and a glass of  dry sherry by a gentleman any day than ever contemplating being a member there.

Think Augusta and the Metropolitan Club in D.C. may allow one or two women in as full members but you can bet your bippy, it's very tightly controlled as to who gets in---like Condolezza Rice and Sandra Day O'Connor.  No matter what the policy changes, Kim Kardashian need never apply.

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