Monday, June 30, 2014

Reid and Pelosi Insult Women As Being Helpless and Dependent on Every Whim of the Federal Government



HARD TO BELIEVE IT'S COME TO THIS:  From a woman's right to choose decades ago to a women's absolute entitlement and demand to have her personal choices  celebrated, underwritten and paid for by taxpayers ad nauseum, ad infinitum. They now demand their rights with unlimited funding without having to exercise any personal responsibility.

Rather than being empowered by the Roe law decades ago,  women are now being  massively hoodwinked and disempowered by  federal politician-jerks like Pelosi and Reid  egging them on, telling them what a shabby deal they're getting  today in the SCOTUS decision  and how they should become  more and more dependent on all things federal government.  The pitiful Sandra Flukes of this country are being told their lives are wrecked  forever because of this decision. The sad thing is they take the bait, drink the coolaid.

Oh Please!

We live in a country where women are the most empowered, affluent and free in the history of the world.  Yet, political creeps like Pelosi and Reid et al just want to tell women to be even more ungrateful for all they don't have.  Pelosi and company insist they in Washington know what's best for them--to make them more dependent on taxpayers. The rest  of us are told we're not supposed to feel resentful for having to foot the bill for the consequences of their choices.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are monumental creeps and liars who are infantilizing American's women in the most disgusting ways.  Whatever happened to personal  responsibility?  You both need to be kicked out of Congress and much, much farther in the days ahead.  No one with any sanity or sense of what America really is and who loves  the Constitution will  miss you one whit when you're gone.

FUTHERMORE:  White House pronounces that the decision risks women's health.

Please, praytell, elaborate as to how this decision risks women's health?  By women having to spend $35-60 on an abortion pill from their own pocket?  What else?  Upon reflection,  I'm very hard pressed to understand this WH talking point.  What does it mean and why don't women demand a fuller explanation which makes sense?  Please help me connect the dots. Why and how will this decision harm women's health?  Most of us know it's just not true.

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