Monday, June 30, 2014

SCOTUS Ruling----America Remains America For Now: Religious Freedom In Obamacare Mandate Is the Right Decision In A Free Country

IT NEVER SEEMED LIKE ROCKET SCIENCE that a business like Hobby Lobby could act upon its corporate moral and religious convictions. Yet, the close 5-4 verdict tells us, our Constitution rights to freedom of religion and speech still least for now.

 It's a great day for a celebration, but the forces of darkness and bondage will stop at nothing to try to enslave and hogtie us all under federal government tyranny and domination any way it can. Praise God for our still in tact freedoms which we can and should never take for granted again. It's an ongoing struggle and we forget it at ours and our country's great peril.  Freedom is not free and requires constant vigilance.

WHEW!  In particular:
Companies are not required to pay for employees' contraceptives for women if they have religious objections, the Supreme Court ruled today. 
The justices' decision came in a 5-4 ruling in the much anticipated case.
Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito wrote the majority opinion and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote the main dissent. 
The court holds: “As applied to closely held corporations the HHS regulations imposing the contraceptive mandate violate RFRA.” 
Alito wrote that “RFRA applies to regulations that govern the activities of closely held for profit corporations like Conestoga and Hobby Lobby” and the “The HHS contraceptive mandate substantially burdens the exercise of religion." 
“The Government has failed to show that the contraceptive mandate is the least restrict means of furthering that interest," according to the majority opinion.

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