Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Congratulations To Conservative Candidate Dave Brat For His Stunning Victory Over GOP Entrenched Eric Cantor



WOW! IF THIS ISN'T A LONG-OVERDUE POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS. IT'S ALSO GREAT POLITICAL THEATER. A new era in conservative politics has arrived, and not a minute too soon. Since I am on the road and with grandchildren and don't have much time at the computer right now, I want to link to several good pieces which I wll update as I can.

Bottom line of this stunning. low-budget victory:  conservatives are moving right with or without the GOP.  We're sick of Washington elite politics and being taxpayer minions for a spendthrift political elite that is supposed to serve the people, not vice-versa. We're sick of the political lawlessness and financial  burdens being strapped to our backs and those of our progeny.

Five takeaways from this stunning upset.

First piece is from the very politically astute David Steinberg who saw this coming: Dave Brat Defeats Eric Cantor and Writes the New Conservative Playbook: 

The candidate who did not lie in his campaign material, did not attempt to disenfranchise voters at several county conventions, did not help install a paid advisor as party executive director, did not headline a retreat discussing how to effectively marginalize his party’s base, and did not employ a crooked, Tammany Hall thug as chief adviser just won, and the Republican Party, having chosen the path Cantor exemplified, has the opportunity to be a more representative party and to change course before November. 

Over the past few months, I have done little but cover this race and the Renee Ellmers/Frank Roche race in North Carolina. I intended to expose for PJ Media readers the insiders game that the “GOP Establishment” vs. conservative/Tea Party rift has become........

I figured the Cantor/Brat primary would exemplify the muscling-out of conservatives, and I was right. I received pressure individually, I began to hear skin-crawling accounts of behind-the-scenes thuggery, and I was able to expose some of it for you. I wrote about 50% of what I heard, I wish I could have written all of it to give you a better picture, but trust that there was quite a bit I held back with to protect sources.
I also have confirmation that these pieces did manage to put a stop to some of the chicanery, and wish I could share that as well.
Most importantly — do not undersize the significance of this — Team Brat just put together the playbook for using the grassroots and new media to win as a conservative, because no challenger will face a more experienced, well-funded, by-any-means-necessary incumbent team than Brat just did. 
If you can make it in Cantortown, you can make it anywhere.
And this piece at the new PJMedia Grid for mid-term election coverage by Bryan Preston:

Let’s just lay this out. Brat’s win changes some things, but not everything. The House GOP leadership will be in disarray for a while. Speaker John Boehner is probably re-thinking that whole bit about teasing conservatives on immigration reform. He’ll be looking for a new #2. He may find himself weakened in the collateral damage from the detonation of Cantor HQ. The House GOP rank and file may be looking for a new speaker..... 

The anger is real. Americans increasingly see Washington as a hostile occupying force. There are those in that town who align with the president, and those who pretend that they don’t, but they really do. That’s the perception that’s building out here. Most Americans don’t think the country is strong or going in the right direction. We’re seeing our position in the world erode as we’re seeing our own economic and moral condition deteriorate. It looks like our government is selling us out much of the time....

Lastly, meet Cantor's biggest donors who are also big losers

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