Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thanks, MD, For Not Headlining Latest Shootings


WHAT ELSE CAN BE SAID,  MATT,  EXCEPT HEADLINING THE LATEST SHOOTOUTS AND BAD BEHAVIOR,  only makes it worse? I understand  sometimes it's so overwhelming   that you can't r avoid featuring it......You're a major trend setter for good or not good.  The most powerful, cooling response is to downplay or ignore it entirely.  Psychopaths, sexters and mass murderers who want their 10 minutes of fame do not like to be ignored....

BTW,  I'm not on Twitter, but I follow you and totally agree:  Jimmy, Seth and Tina are not-all-that-funny anymore .  Perhaps they never were.  SNL has gotten so bad and unfunny that I and my best friends no longer watch more than a few first minutes, if even that.  A complete bore that is more interested in changing sexual attitudes than anything else. I predict that  Jimmy could crash and burn within a year on the Tonight Show, in NYC.

In spite of it all,  Kimmel redeems  himself.

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