Friday, January 24, 2014

Simply Freezing Here!


NOT NEWS,  BUT STILL THIS  MAJOR COLD SNAP HAS A GRIP ON EVERYTHING, including my motivation to go to the gym.

How cold is it?  So cold that last night----as I wrapped up in a blanket on my favorite old chair in my kitchen, near my computer--- I looked up an old Twitter account I started five years ago  and never tweeted on even one time.  Can't imagine what I was thinking.  After punching numerous 'follow' buttons it presented me,  I fell asleep only to awaken this morning with all sorts of strange people and crazy names in my Gmail account and on my cell phone.  So first thing today,  I deleted my email address from Twitter, never to go there again.  I have no interest in tweeting now or ever. Must be languishing from extreme cabin fever and conviviality fatigue!

Meanwhile, here are the top three things I have less than zero interest in 'following' these freezing cold days:  poor Justin Bieber (how can a kid like that ever handle all that success?), the self-important, annual bore called Davos (two of its biggest blowhards) and anything going on in Washington, D.C right now.

While I'm at it,  I wonder how or why any people would schedule a Superbowl game in the Northeast, as in New Jersey,  in early February?  The craziest decision I ever saw for obvious reasons. Another thing I wonder, is how enjoyable can the Olympics now be for competitors as well as spectators in this kind of atmosphere? I would think---not much.

Now, if you'll excuse me,  I just exploded a hard boiled egg to smithereens in my microwave....

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