Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell's Fall


Federal indictments along with a spendthrift wife, who couldn't get enough of outside money, could put the former GOP governor behind bars for years. McDonnell regrets it, but says no laws were broken and is vowing to fight the charges.  Either way,  it's so sad and very discouraging in a political landscape already depressing enough.

In addition, if you haven't gotten enough political discouragement for one day, then read Michael Walsh's piece----Willard Agonistes--- on Mitt Romney, as portrayed in the movie documentary Mitt, at PJMedia.  Walsh makes the case that Romney's presidential candidacy was much worse than we could have known at the time. Well worth a read if you can bear it to read about Romeny's seeming unresolved daddy issues, among other things.

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