Sunday, January 19, 2014

YeeHa! Manning Played Near Flawless Game, Final--26-16!!! Denver To Play Seattle In Superbowl


Manning has proven over many years that he's truly a class-act.  He has integrity and certainly perseverance. Contrast that to Seahwks Richard Sherman who is the sorest, most arrogant winner I've seen in a very long time.

Seattle-San Francisco anti-climatic...but it's turning out to be a great game! Golden Tate for Seattle is a star from Nashville.

Tempted  to say, almost ALL great football---both college and professional---is east of the Continental Divide.  Am tempted to say it's east of the Mississippi, but that would exclude  Texas, Nebraska for college and Denver for the NFL.

So, again,  whichever team wins SF-Seattle clash,   the center of most great football is east of the Continental Divide.  But watch SF/Seattle make a liar outta me!

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