Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Greatest Pumpkin Day Is Also Reformation Day

IF YOU'D LIKE A LITTLE DIVERSION from Hurricane Sandy and politics, here's an interesting slide show at the WSJ of the biggest pumpkins you've ever seen. Great Scott!

ALSO, since today is Reformation Day for the church, it's a good time to remember Martin Luther's heroic, with far-reaching and unintended consequences, actions that started the Protestant Reformation and break with the Catholic church. Aaron Armstrong writing on where do we get our freedom? recalls what all the commotion was and still is about. He makes the observation that parts of the early Church in Paul's time were bewitched by false doctrines and a works-based salvation rather than belief in faith in Christ-based salvation.  Thanks to Luther (and the printing press) we now have access to our own personal Bibles among many other things.

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