Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Final Debate: No Game Changer But Perhaps A Deal Closer


OK, I ADMIT AT THE START THAT I WAS  DISAPPOINTED that Mitt Romney didn't fillet and skewer President Obama for his administration's dreadful foreign policy faux pas specifically the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya---unacknowledged for days---or the fast and furious debacle orchestrated by the Department of Justice.

I was hoping for a real duke-out at the OK Corral. So when things stayed nice and moderate,  I kept wondering why no fireworks? Where's the beef? I kept asking my neighbor Martha.  It never came in the way I expected.

Still, upon some mild reflection and with a good night's sleep I suppose, I guess, I hope Mitt Romney did okay to keep his tone and meter on the high-road and the big picture---well-informed and presidential all the way to the end. He did well not to get drawn in to any traps, then get cast as a foreign policy bomb-happy hawk though he did reiterate his strong support of a refurbished strong military---with or without bayonets and mules.  Still I wonder if he will stay strong in the face of future down-dressing.

 I can't say the same for our shrinking president who seemed to be petulant and petty throughout the debate.

Of course viewers can and will interpret and spin this debate however they're inclined and I am certainly inclined towards Mitt Romney and in fact am voting for him early this  morning.

The overall takeaway for me is this:  Mitt Romney believes a strong U.S. economy is the basis for a strong foreign policy and strong military.  He understands that people all around the world would rather have peace,  a decent job and markets for their goods and services than war and closed trade.

I couldn't agree more and again, think Mitt Romney is the man to help lead this country forward and out of our true economic malaise. There are and will be no easy, quick fox answers to the mess of this administration and the continuing dreadful action and money printing by the Federal Reserve.

For me the best  response Mitt gave---of many good ones---was to tell Bob Schieffer that in his administration he would not get a surprise call from Israel saying its planes were on the way to bomb Iran. That the U.S.-Israel relationships would be such that such nonsense would not happen.  Good, wise get for Mitt to a silly, straw man question.

There's more to say,  but there are lots of commentaries better suited for the in-depth digging.

For me this debate was a summation and deal-closer on the way to voting for Mitt Romney.  I think he will do a good job as president although it will not be easy with all that looms ahead.  If anyone can get things going in a different direction,  he can and he knows he can.

Now for another cup of coffee, before having the privilege to go and cast my vote.

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