Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gloria Allred: Scraping. The. Bottom. Of. The. Bottom. Of. the Barrel


TRYING TO DEMONIZE MITT ROMNEY OVER A FRIEND'S DIVORCE THAT HAPPENED OVER 20 YEARS AGO IS SCRAPING THE BOTTOM AND NOT GOING TO FLY.  This is called an October surprise?  Why?  It's totally predictable--a desperate behavior by people who have run out of hope and any real accomplishments to run on.

It's desperate and pathetic on the part of the Obama gangsterama. How low and sludge-like can these people go in order to divert attention from the real issues---like the cover-up in Benghazi terrorist attack. I hope Romney doesn't dignify any of this with even a word of response. President Obama with Gloria must think we voters are dumb-as-a-post, easily manipulated and at their constant political disposal.

Much ado about less than nothing.


mRed said...

I have stated and still believe that Allred is not the bottom of the barrel as she is under the scum at the bottom of the barrel. A wasted life that cannot be reclaimed.

Webutante said...

Changing the subject, I am very hopeful about Ohio, mRed. Wouldn't it be amazing if you all went for Mitt!?

mRed said...

We're working very hard. The 3 Cs, Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland are always a problem. Columbus has become bureaucrat city while Cleveland has been our welfare city for years and inner-Cincinnati has been called by some a 3rd world enclave.

Another hurdle is the huge number of colleges and universities because school administrators, working hand-in-hand with Democrats, are allowed to "ID" students and then observe the polls to make sure students show up and vote.

I think we'll make it!

mRed said...

Added: Higher Ed impact on the vote in Ohio - private/public/for-profit/nonprofit accounts for almost 639,000 students (2006).

Obama won by 207,000 (approx) votes in 2008 and Bush won by 118,000 (approx) votes in 2004.

Webutante said...

This is a very good breakdown on the hurdles to Mitt winning in Ohio. Thank you mRed. Very insightful!