Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Branson's Necker Island Before and After The Inferno

THIS PIECE TODAY IN THE DAILY MAIL on Virgin Atlantic CEO Richard Branson's Necker Island playground retreat and the catastrophic inferno that recently destroyed it is worth a read. Is it also a cautionary tale of excess and decadence for the rich and famous? It's a rhetorical question of course.

Sure he'll try to rebuild and the booze and partying will go on as if nothing ever happened. But if it were me (Yes, I know it's really I), I'd do a little inner inventory to see if there might not be a deeper message to this catastrophe than just the whims of Mother Nature---and Hurricane Irene. There's always a feedback loop in our lives that often starts as a whisper, becoming louder, until it sounds like a scream. SOMEONE is trying to get Branson's attention, you think? And he---Mick Jagger's decadent aging look-alike---fails to listen at his great peril.

Just saying.


gcotharn said...

So, I'm reading through the article, and I'm immune to all the famous names which are dropped, and I'm mindful that maybe Someone is telling Branson something, and, then, at the very end: Kate Winslett was on the island when the fire occurred, and she saved Branson's mother from the burning house.

Ohhh, Kate Winslett. I like Kate Winslett. My immunity to famous names is blown to smithereens.

Webutante said...

Come now! Did you really think an island designed for beautiful people wouldn't include a rescue by one of the beautifulest of beautiful people!!??