Thursday, August 3, 2017

Poutchi Catches A Beautiful, Fat Cutthroat In the Snake River Canyon With Guide Mike Janssen

THERE'S SIMPLY NOTHING MORE FUN IN SUMMER HERE THAN CATCHING A BIG, HEALTHY NATIVE CUTTHROAT ON A FLY, especially in the biggest, highest and most dangerous water in JH.

Yesterday good friend Poutchi Janssen,  her son, premier fly fishing guide Mike Janssen,  and I ventured into the mighty, dangerous waters of the Snake River Canyon to scare up a few fish.  We had a blast as we weathered the rapids of The Big Kahuna,  Lunch Counter and Champagne Rapids.

There's nothing more Jackson Hole for me than the excitement of catching a great fish (And for every 100 good fish, there is only ONE truly great fish that I remember through the ages---it always comes after a struggle.).  I have about 10-15 fabulous great fish in my 35 years of fly fishing .) Poutchi deserved this fish and a good round of applause was had by all! It's what you remember and dream of in the dark days of winter. Congratulations Poutchi!

BELOW, the waters are so treacherous in the canyon that there were NO other fishing guides with the boats or the skills who were fishing the canyon  at these levels on Thursday--(three people drowned here in July---incredulously, two without wearing life jackets.) There are only two guides I would  ever go through this heavy water with:  Mike Janssen and Paul B, both with whom I have had many happy and safe floats with over the years.  Safely is always JOB ONE whether you catch a fish or not.  Catching is icing on my cake. And Poutchi and I had some good icing in the Canyon on Thursday.

I am the luckiest girl in the world.

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