Monday, August 21, 2017

Rolling Totality Near the Cumberland River

DARKNESS WAS NOT TOTAL DARKNESS AT 1:28 pm, BUT CLOSE ENOUGH AS THE FAR HORIZONS AND DISTANT CLOUDS RADIATED LIGHT BACK TO US FROM ALL AROUND. Temperatures dropped briefly as twilight descended for almost an hour before blistering heat in the mid-nineties returned for the rest of the day. Traffic and crowds were way over-rated and the people we saw were friendly, completely sober and totally involved in this amazing phenomenon. I put together a picnic lunch for us of fried chicken, cole slaw, pimento cheese and lots of ice water. It hit the spot! It was wonderful seeing this total eclipse---and watching it via webcam in Jackson Hole (and communicating with friends there). Yet, I wouldn't go out of my way to travel a long distance to see another one anytime soon. Once is perfect!


Tregonsee said...

Drove 20 miles to a secluded location which got about 65 seconds of totality. I figured 35% totality with 2% of the effort was a reasonable trade. :) Well worth seeing.

In the spring of 1970, there was a total eclipse across south Georgia. Drove down, but unfortunately there was a high overcast. Did get to see one neat thing. The edge of the zone of totality is fairly sharp, and moves at 1500-2500 mph depending on where you are. So we got to see the dark shadow race across the sky, and 2-3 minutes later the trailing edge.


Webutante said...