Friday, July 7, 2017

I Am Dazzled


IT'S NOT OFTEN I'M DAZZLED IN THIS WORLD OF MEAN SPIRITED POLITICS.  But after getting up yesterday at the crack of dawn, Rocky Mountain time, to turn on the live broadcast from  Warsaw, Poland,  I began to be swept away and inspired as I listened to President Trump's speech to the Poles, and to us Americans as well. My amazement has only increased since then.

I am thrilled, but not all that surprised.

One business site predicted beforehand that Putin would eat Trump's lunch in a one-on-one meeting today.  Far, far from those headlines lies another seeming reality:  Trump and Putin actually respect each other in spite of  their faults and bad-guy reputations. With this reality in place,  all kinds of possibilities---good and bad---open up on the international stage. I do not think the meeting today between Trump and Putin is a panacea by any means. However, a fresh start may have been made based on mutual respect A respect that was never there between Obama and Putin.

I give thanks that new possibilities are surfacing in the Middle East, as two tough guys who respect and have a healthy fear of each other try to find solutions to some of the world's increasingly complex problems. Both men have huge---YUGE--egos.  Both of them could possibly try to outdo the other in being the good guys in this new world order. That's what I hope for. And I know I could certainly be wrong.

Time will tell. Meanwhile, God bless America.  God bless and inspire our country's leaders, including President Trump.  I hope he stands his ground in the days and months ahead.  Of course I know the MSM and the Deep State resistance will try to tear all this news to shreds.  It won't be successful.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

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