Monday, May 1, 2017

Vetting the Met Gala--the Yeses

FOR WHATEVER REASON LAST NIGHT, I HAD VERY SLOW CONNECTIVITY, and couldn't finish writing the text for these outfits. Here are the ones I like best: most of them classic and elegant ball gowns worn with great hair and the perfect amount of jewelry---never too much. In the case of the couples, several like Gisele and Tom and Blake and Ryan looked good and well-coordinated, almost too well-coordinated---I did not like Ryan's cutsie blue tux tie that matched his wife's peacock train. However suited Jennifer and A-Rod seem to be, I did not like her tent-like cape at all. I also did not like Megyn's dress or hair. The young Jenner group and friends looked like hot messes and total exhibitionists. And I won't even mention Katy P's pathetic attempt to be.... what? unique? attention-getting?

BTW, Laura Dern, below, is a great looking middle aged woman;  however, the squashed, high bosom look is out....but she hasn't yet received the memo.

 Below are some of the looks I give an A to B+ to:


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