Saturday, May 20, 2017

NYT Letter To the Editor With Which I Totally Agree


GOOD FRIENDS SENT ME THIS TODAY AND I HAVE TO WONDER WHEN ARE WE AS A COUNTRY GOING TO START DRAWING SOME HARD LINES? What's next,  abolishing history?  Literature?  Where does this nonsense end?

TO THE EDITOR Re. Editorial, Tuesday, May 9, “Monuments to White Supremacy.” 

 In the Middle East Isis destroys priceless monuments built by those who did not share their ideology. In New Orleans ideologues remove aesthetically superb monuments depicting historical figures who, in their day, differed with current political orthodoxy. Similar intolerance informs both movements to put out of sight anything that challenges these people’s beliefs. So it is also on college campuses where speakers not in favor with some students are denied a platform or shouted down.

We live in a time of intolerance and suppression of opposing viewpoints. But I was surprised and alarmed that The New York Times editorial page would support this movement to silence opposing views by removal of monuments depicting Confederate figures.

The Civil War happened. It shaped our history. It was fought by two sides, both fighting honorably for their regional points of view. Is one side now to be demonized while the other is exalted? What next?

After New Orleans do we strip Monument Avenue in Richmond of some of the finest statuary in the country because it depicts Confederate leaders? And do we then pull down all statues of Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Jackson, slave owners all?

The ludicrous spectacle of a great nation dropping a large portion of its history down what Orwell in “1984” called the "memory hole” is deeply disturbing. It is a failure of the spirit of democracy when, instead of public debate of issues, one side is forcefully suppressed.

It is a tendency the Times should not be supporting.

 Michael S. Kogan, Ph.D Charleston, South Carolina My address is 1 King Street Apt.209 Charleston, South Carolina 29401

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