Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ivanka Dazzles In Berlin

MEANWHILE: OEDIPUS IN PARIS @ HAD ENOUGH THERAPY? YOU CAN SAY WHAT YOU LIKE ABOUT THE FIRST DAUGHTER, but I think Ivanka Trump is a knock-out and stunner in many ways: She's smart, articulate, hard working and resourceful, tough, stylish and beautiful. What a combo! How refreshing that she can represent her father and our country on the world stage. And what fun!  I continue to wish her and the Trump administration well.  My only other feedback is those earrings make my earlobes hurt and walking in those super-high heels makes for a grand entrance but nonetheless makes me very nervous.....

Source:  Daily Mail

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gcotharn said...

As effective as Eleanor Roosevelt, as stylish as Jaqueline Kennedy, induces hysterical fearful rage in the political left.

If you had to choose one person in current America who has the best betting odds of eventually becoming POTUS, that person would be Ivanka Trump. It appears, to me, that Pres Trump is both grooming her and using her to his and the nation's benefit.

The political left, for whom power politics is their religion, instinctively understands they must take her out ... just as they took out Miguel Estrada, Alberto Gonzales, Janice Rogers Brown. In time, the fabrications which were slung at Sarah Palin ("A waitress heard her say the N word!") will look quaint when compared to the fabrications which will be slung at Ivanka. The hatred for Palin - and it was massive, reflexive, vile, primal, and historically notable. The hatred for Ivanka will be worse than foe Palin, and worse than for Donald J Trump.

I thought the hatred for Palin was almost completely about social class. I now see that I wrongly discounted this: the first woman POTUS must must must be a Democrat. Nothing else will do.

The irony is that Ivanka actually is a Democrat; is what a Democrat should be: patriotic and mostly on the left. I love love Ivanka, but she will not be my candidate in a Republican Primary.

The left does not care that she is one of them. The left no longer even tries to use reasoning to argue issues: they know they cannot win in reasoned argument. The left's only weapons are symbolism and emotion. They must have the first female POTUS. They must. Anything else will equate to a mortal threat.

Blessings and love, Greg