Saturday, April 29, 2017

Amazing Breakthrough For Joint Repair/ Regeneration In Early Stages of Development

 THIS IS A VIDEO MADE IN 2016 FROM A MEDICAL RESEARCH GROUP IN AUSTRALIA....Clearly this procedure is in the early stages of exploration and not yet ready for human consumption. Still it holds tremendous promise for joint repair and treatment, among many other things. I like  that it uses fat tissue/stem cells from your own body and not placental stem cells.

I found out last week that my torn meniscus would not respond well to surgery. That's fine with me since I'm much better, in far less pain and walking again. Still, knowing this procedure is in the pipeline for the future, thrills me no end. It's another reason to keep a little fat tissue in reserve on the body.....but just a little. SOURCE

One other thing:  there are a number of stem cell 'practioners' now in the U.S who use placental tissues and frequently operate out of chiropractic offices using people with a minimal of training and very marginal results.  These are not the real thing, in my opinion and I would steer clear of them and wait.. May the buyer beware.

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