Thursday, April 13, 2017

Annual Spring Picnic With Family In the Historic Cemetery of My Hometown During Dogwood Season


THIS LAST WEEK, I HAVE BEEN FAR TOO BUSY with business, tax matters and getting ready to go to Houston to see the Gs this week. Am now on my way down there, for perhaps the last time, as they are packing up, selling their beautiful home and moving to.....wait for it....moving to.....I'll tell you's out of the country.  I'm still trying to adjust to this big change!  Let's just say, it's a place I can't drive to.  Will have to fly.

Meanwhile, I want to say how thrilled I am that Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate and already been sworn in to the Supreme Court of the United States. Simply wonderful.

In addition,  since coming back from hiking in Arizona this winter,  I have been limping around from pain in my right knee.  In typical style,  I did not go get it checked for a month thinking it would magically get  better on its own. Wrong again.....finally,  I went to an orthopedic guy and was tentatively diagnosed with a torn meniscus.  Went yesterday for an MRI, so will soon see.   It has been very painful and I don't take any pain pills.  If necessary, will get it repaired when I get back.  I don't want to, but will if the orthopedic doctor says I should.

But enough about my knee problems.

Spring here is glorious and I hope it is where you are.  I will blog as I can between Easter, family, and limping around.  Thanks for coming by.

Finally the picnic with some of my oldest relatives----two in their ninties,  one in her eighties was simply splendid.  I sat near the tomb of my forebearer who had the same name as I.  Will      try to post another pic later.

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