Thursday, December 22, 2016

No Matter What Your Age, Race, Profession, Your Political or Sexual Orientation--- A Creep Is Still a Creep and A Monumental, Immature Bore


THAT IVANKA TRUMP IS A CLASS ACT WILL BECOME MORE APPARENT AS TIME GOES BY.  But the unhinged harassment episode of her by a couple of crazed political lefty cry babies and narcissists early this morning on a JetBlue flight from Kennedy to San Francisco was beyond the pale.

Evidently shouting, 'Your father is ruining the country....!' this man and his partner were kindly and quickly escorted off the plane, as they should have been, by JetBlue.

Ruining the country already?  Really?

The wretched bitterness and immaturity of these hateful people says a lot more about them than it does anything else.   Trump needs to provide increased protection immediately to his daughter and her family in light of this. Because many of these unhinged people are probably too immature to get a grip anytime soon. Maybe they should consider moving to another country.


Tregonsee said...

People I have known for decades have declared me as Other simply because I describe myself as "cautiously pessimistic" rather than engage in the hysteria which is sweeping half the country. I find it frighting that the level of derangement seems to be growing rather than dampening out.

Webutante said...

Yes, derangement in people you thought were mostly mainstream adults. Very sad...