Saturday, March 12, 2016

Social Justice Warriors---We May Be Nearing the End of the Republic, But It's Not Trump's Fault

I'VE JUST GOTTEN HOME FROM A TRIP.  Though I barely opened my computer,  I've definitely been keeping up with the news. Over the last week,   I've come to admire much less my former candidate Ted Cruz---if some of the reports I've read are true--- and Donald Trump more.

What happened yesterday in Chicago, aka thug city---then St. Louis, where baby brat violent lives matter, and today in Dayton, Ohio are just a taste of things to come and of  what  mob violence---fueled by liberal, divisive thugs like do to help get Trump be elected.

Rod Dreher @ The American Conservative has a great piece up today on how these social justice warriors (SJWs) are going to get Trump elected and in my opinion, probably by a landslide.  If someone doesn't end up killing him first.  Frankly that scares me.  Security has got to be incredibly tight as protestors  think they realize their are no consequences to protesting anymore.

Dreher's bottom line which I agree with:

What happened  in Chicago is why we need Trump, as obnoxious as he is, to keep going. I am not a Trump supporter, and I reject much of his rhetoric. But he has a right to give a speech, even an obnoxious speech, without it being interrupted by demonstrators. All of us do. Trump is revealing how impossible it is to have a normal democracy with the activist left, who think their crying need for “safe spaces” gives them the right to silence their opponents.

No. This political correctness needs to be opposed, and it needs to be opposed with force. I don’t know why the police couldn’t handle this situation, but they had better be on it in the future, because many Americans will not stand for this. What those protesters have done tonight is create a lot more Trump voters out of people who are sick and tired of privileged leftists using thug tactics to silence their opponents.

I would feel exactly the same way if conservative protesters tried to shut down a Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders rally. Protest all you want, but do it outside the venue, or silently inside. Do not silence the speaker, because if you do that, you legitimize your opponents trying to silence the speakers from your side. Thuggish, illiberal tactics like this from the left call forth the same kind of thing from the right. When right-wing white nationalist types show up and make trouble at Democratic rallies, or BLM rallies, and get them cancelled, on what grounds will you on the left have to complain?
 For me, it’s all about the mob. I despise the mob. Any mob, which I define as a crowd that acts in force to silence people by intimidation or actual violence. We have seen over the past few months how left-wing mobs on college campuses have gotten away with outrageous things, because men and women in authority on those campuses lacked the guts to stand up for the liberal civic order. This is why I cannot support Black Lives Matter, even though I support its goal of bringing critical attention to police brutality: because they believe that their cause is so righteous that they have the right to stomp over anybody who doesn’t share their vision.
I urge you to read the entire piece.

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